Fax Service

Faxing service is available at all of the libraries. Faxes are $1.00 a page for fax numbers within the United States. International faxes are $2.00 a page for the first five pages and $1.00 a page thereafter. The faxing fees apply to all numbers, including toll-free. Receiving a fax costs $1.00 a page regardless of the fax's origin.

Library Fax Numbers

Location Fax Number
Barlow Library 740-678-0046
Belpre Library 740-423-8305
Beverly Library 740-984-2083
Lafayette Library 740-373-2881
Local History & Genealogy 740-376-2175
Marietta Library 740-373-2860
New Matamoras Library 740-865-2054


Source URL: https://wcplib.info/fax