Brown Baggin' Thru History - Campus Martius

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Throughout history, we hear and read a lot about men, but what about the women? Come to Campus Martius Museum on Friday, February 7, 2020, at noon as Randy Modesitt, Director of Henderson Hall, enlightens us about the women who inhabited this incredible homestead. Henderson Hall is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a historic district unto itself. It offers a view of the early American Victorian Era. The hall is 8,000 square feet. with 21 rooms and was the centerpiece of the original 2,600 acres along the Ohio River. Also around the grounds, there are outbuildings and three Adena Indian Mounds. Henderson's family homestead features original furnishings from the 1700's frontier life to the oil boom of the 20th century. After you learn about the Henderson Women from Randy, visit Henderson Hall to get the rest of the story. Bio: Randy was born in Parkersburg and has lived his whole life there. He graduated from Parkersburg High School and from Glenville State College in 1974. He received a master’s degree from Marshall University in 1978. He taught elementary grades from 37 years and coached basketball and jump rope. He taught the jump rope team for 28 years and traveled extensively all over the world. His team won two world championships: First Place in Belgium and another First Place in Australia. He started at Henderson Hall in 2013 cutting grass and became its Director in 2015. He is married to Charlotte Modesitt.

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